Annual Review

Annual Faculty Meetings with Division Chiefs

Our department requires each faculty member to have an annual meeting with their division chief (or, in some very large divisions, the chief’s designee) to discuss performance, goals for the coming year, and career planning. These sessions should not be check-box exercises – instead, they are a vitally important opportunity for faculty members to receive explicit feedback, guidance, and mentoring from their division chief or other senior leader. Moreover, they help chiefs plan for the coming year. 

In order to inform activity and budget planning for the following academic year, these meetings should be completed by the end of April 2024. Your division chief will send out more information about your site/division’s deadline and process.

All faculty members with paid UCSF appointments, and faculty members who are affiliated with UCSF (e.g., DOM faculty with VAMC, HHMI, or Gladstone appointments), are included in this process. Emeritus or volunteer faulty members are exempt.

To facilitate this process, we will again utilize the DOM Annual Faculty Career Planning Portal, where you can seamlessly pull in information from your career plan from last year, as well as upload your CV and other relevant documents. The portal also provides direct access to the Learning & Development website (to complete your required training modules) and to UCSF Profiles (to update your Profiles page).

To begin this process, please go to the portal. You may also access the portal – called “Annual Faculty Review” – via MyAccess. Please note you must be on the UCSF or SFVAMC network to access the portal.

For faculty members, completing the career plan involves three steps: 1) Fill in your information and submit the form via the portal, 2) meet with your division chief or designee, and 3) approve the entirety of the form after “the reviewer” (chief or designee) has completed the “Reviewer Comments” section. Both the reviewer and the faculty member will receive email notifications when the form or comments are submitted for review. 

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your division chief or manager. 

Thanks for participating in this crucial part of our efforts to promote a supportive academic environment for all of our faculty.

Robert M. Wachter, MD
Professor and Chair, Department of Medicine